Be sure to enter the first contest (with all your winner predictions) by May 8. 
Once the tournament begins, how will you know who is winning and who has been defeated?

You can follow along in real-time (and talk with other participants!) on Twitter @nightmarepod1 using #22MonMAY.

(Consult the calendar for more details.)

You can also find everything you need on this page, including play-by-plays, video recaps, and contests.

Don’t have Twitter? Missed one of the “live” battles? Don’t worry! We have play-by-plays for all the battles in one convenient place.

Want more? Check out our video series “The Bleeder Boards” where you can find recaps, creepily whimsical puppets, and a lot of other fun stuff.

For those of you whose contestants are taken out early, don’t worry! You can still attempt to win glory and fame through our other contests and events.

Monster MAYhem happened only through the incredible and amazing efforts of an entire team. See who was involved throughout the process.