Be sure to enter the first contest (with all your winner predictions) by May 8. 

What is Monster MAYhem?

Monster MAYhem is a bracket-style tournament event that runs throughout the month of May. It combines the calculated odds of March Madness with the pageantry (and violence) of Wrestlemania. The creators (Katherine and a team of students from Trinity University) decide the four bracket categories that will be featured that year and then determine the 64 contestants that will be competing. The contestants are characters from horror films, books, TV shows, graphic novels, and games from around the world. Before Monster MAYhem begins, the contestants are seeded according to specific variables to determine their likelihood of winning a “battle royale” style tournament.

Before the start of each tournament, participants (that’s you!) can determine who they think will be the victor of each battle, each bracket, and—ultimately—that year’s Monster MAYhem. Throughout the month of May, participants will have the opportunity to read battle play-by-plays, watch recap videos, and participate in their own competitions for prizes.

Who can play?

Anyone and everyone! Whether you are a die-hard horror fan or a more casual consumer, you can pick your favorite contestant and cheer for them until the end. While the play-by-plays will occur first on Twitter, you do not need to have social media to be able to play.

How do I play?

Option One: Research the contestants and use that information to help strategize who is most likely to win. Use that data to determine battle winners.

Option Two: Decide who you want to win and stubbornly hope that they will seize the title and beat everyone else.

For complete instructions on how to play and all necessary resources, click the button below.